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Everbright successfully completed the B round of financing of 150 million

The latest news, in July 2018, Everbright successfully completed the 150 million yuan B round of financing, the investors of this round of financing are: SDIC, CASVC, Suzhou Chengxin Ventures.
     The latest news, in July 2018, Everbright successfully completed the 150 million yuan B round of financing, the investors of this round of financing are: SDIC, CASVC, Suzhou Chengxin Ventures.
     Since its establishment in 2012, Everbright has been committed to the R&D, production and sales of high-power semiconductor laser chips and related optoelectronic devices and application systems. It has chip design, MOCVD (epitaxial), lithography, cleavage/coating, package testing, The complete process platform and production line of fiber coupling and laser system are the only companies in the world that are the only ones in China that develop and mass produce high-power semiconductor laser chips. Everbright is the first to break the long-term dependence on Imported "devices without core" in high-power semiconductor laser chips.
     This round of financing will focus on the following projects of Everbright's main business strategy:
  • High power semiconductor laser chip and module production capacity increased by 5-10 times;
  • Development and mass production of VCSEL laser radar chips;
  • Mass production and application of direct diode laser system.
     In March 2018, the company signed an agreement with the High-tech Zone to jointly build the Semiconductor Laser Innovation Research Institute and build a leading semiconductor laser R&D platform. This round of financing was successfully completed. Everbright’s “one platform, one point, horizontal expansion, vertical extension "The strategic layout is all completed.
  • High-power semiconductor laser chip and module capacity expansion project
     Everbright has overcome many technical problems including epitaxial growth technology, cavity surface passivation technology, device fabrication and high-energy beam-coupling. The company's high-brightness single-tube chip and fiber-coupled output module, high-power bar and stack Such products have repeatedly made breakthroughs in power, brightness, photoelectric conversion efficiency, and lifespan, and won a number of patents, in line with the international first-class level.
Everbright Laser Chip
     The high-power 915nm laser chip independently developed by Everbright has a light-emitting area width of 90μm and a conversion efficiency of up to 65%. The output power of the chip is synchronized with the international first-class level. It has the characteristics of high conversion efficiency and long life. With more than 2 million pieces, it is one of the few companies in the world that develops and mass-produces high-power semiconductor laser chips.
Everbright Fiber Coupling Module
     Everbright 915nm module and 976nm module adopt self-developed high-reliability laser chip, which has the characteristics of good spectral quality and controllable wavelength drift range. The light-light conversion efficiency of 976nm module fiber laser can reach 85%, which greatly saves The source fiber, the solution has been batch-verified, and has no technical obstacles for high-power fiber lasers. It is an ideal pump source for high-power fiber lasers.
     At present, Everbright products are widely used in industrial laser pumping, laser advanced manufacturing equipment, biomedical beauty, high-speed optical communication, machine vision and sensing, and national defense construction. After years of operation, the products have been recognized by customers. The 915nm chip, 915nm module and 976nm module are leading the market. As the products are more and more recognized and affirmed in the market, Everbright customer demand and orders continue to be in the market. With the rapid upward trend, Everbright will expand the capacity of high-power laser chips and fiber-coupled modules through the current round of financing, and increase the production capacity by 5-10 times on the existing basis, forming a powerful “development of Everbright”. Pivot" to meet customer needs.
  • VCSEL laser radar chip development and mass production projects
The media introduced the VCSEL chip at the Everbright exhibition stand
     In February 2018, Everbright established the VCSEL business unit, “horizontal expansion”, and introduced a number of industry senior experts, set up a professional R & D team, opened a 6' wafer production line, added MOCVD wafer growth furnace, step lithography Machines and other mass production equipment, stepped up research and development projects and mass production line layout, in response to the explosive growth of consumer and industrial markets, to alleviate the shortage of VCSEL laser chips in China. Based on the company's mature high-power semiconductor laser chip mass production platform, the company has made rapid progress in the development of VCSEL chips. In less than 6 months, it has overcome the precise control and stability problems of material epitaxy production. And the problem of oxidation limit control of laser current. At present, Everbright's VCSEL chip has passed the trial production in small batches, and has entered the stage of sample delivery and customer verification.
  • Direct Diode laser System mass production and application projects
Laser System Division Series
     Everbright is one of the earliest companies in China to produce and sell direct semiconductor laser systems. Since 2012, Everbright has built a direct semiconductor laser system brand by undertaking national projects and verification by many industrial customers. In May 2018, the company set up a laser system business unit, “longitudinal extension”. The business unit was established to provide technical solutions with high technical and cost-effective products for industrial laser material processing, and promote the domestic direct semiconductor laser industry. Application process. In October this year, Everbright will bring a new generation of direct semiconductor laser products to Shenzhen “South China International Advanced Electronics, Intelligent Manufacturing and Laser Technology Expo”.
  • Everbright and Suzhou High-tech Zone jointly built the Diode Laser Innovation Institute
Signing Ceremony of Semiconductor Laser Innovation Institute
     In March 2018, the Suzhou High-tech Zone Government and Everbright signed an agreement in Shanghai to announce the establishment of a semiconductor laser innovation research institute in Suzhou High-tech Zone with a total investment of 500 million yuan to build a domestic first-class semiconductor laser chip research and development platform. Everbright has the advantages of high-power semiconductor laser chips and expands the direction and field of laser 3D sensor chips (including VCSEL), high-speed optical communication chips, laser illumination, and laser display.
Diode Laser Innovation Research Institute renderings
     The Diode Laser Innovation Institute includes R&D buildings, office buildings, production process buildings and other facilities, with a total area of nearly 50,000 square meters. The Institute has started construction and is expected to be put into use in 2019. The construction of the institute will greatly enhance the company's research and development capabilities and sustainable development capabilities, while also providing a larger physical space for the company's expansion in the high-speed development period.
Investor profile
  • SDICVC entrepreneurship
SDIC - established in 1995, is a state investment holding company approved by the State Council and a state-owned key enterprise directly managed by the central government. It is the first batch of state-owned capital investment company reform pilot enterprises. It is a private equity investment fund management company operated by the State Development and Investment Corporation to implement the national innovation-driven development strategy, accelerate the transfer of national scientific and technological achievements, and operate independently in a market-oriented manner. Its purpose is to serve the national innovation strategy and focus on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences Venture Capital
The Science and Technology Achievements Transformation (Mother) Fund of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a decision made by the Chinese Academy of Sciences President's Office, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued a key initiative for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. (CASH) as the cornerstone funder specifically led the formation of market-oriented management companies and teams. The fund focuses on investing in frontiers and key technological innovation projects in various fields. It is the first scientific and technological investment fund for scientific and technological achievements initiated by the headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The coordination of the departments, the resources of relevant institutions in the hospital, the positive response and support of local governments, and Market-oriented operation management provides an important foundation and guarantee for the fund to effectively realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
Laser Brighten our Life !
        In recent years, the laser industry has developed rapidly. More and more high-end precision machining applications have chosen to use lasers to replace traditional processing methods. The market prospects of laser chips as the core components of lasers are very broad, and the "China Core" is in a rage and unstoppable!
        The smooth implementation of this financing also marks the completion of the overall strategic layout of Everbright. In the future, Everbright will continue to uphold and carry forward the enterprise spirit of “professionalism, care, service and struggle” to provide you with satisfactory products and services, the chip ,the life!